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Used Ricotta Cheese line

Firm Capacity Condition
TECHNO DAIRY Up to 6.000 Litres Excellent

The plant is fitted with the following:

  • N° 2 Flocculatrors Mod. FL 2.000-2
  • N° 2 Centrifugal pump
  • N° 1 Heat recover - preheate
used dairy machine ricotta line ricotta production

Ricotta production takes place in coagulation tanks, flocculators, which are closed vessels with steam injection for heating, that guarantee the sterility and hygiene of the product and are also sanitizable through an autonomous washing system consisting of a small tank with pump.

The ricotta obtained is emptied into a special draining trolley that allows all the product to be kept at high temperatures thanks to a compartment underneath that holds a quantity of spent whey at high temperature. Transfer of the product to the homogenizing machine takes place, again at high temperature, through a transfer pump.

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The homogenizing treatment inside the machine enables prevention of whey separation, and consequently souring of the whey, and therefore of the ricotta, which makes it possible to package the product at high temperatures in order to exclude every form of bacterial.

The line is fitted with a water heater that allow to reduce the heating time and consequently working time

Milk Innovation

Milk Innovation


Videos of the Ricotta production plants are available for watching:

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