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cheese homogenizer

The Homogenizer-Smoother is a machine designed specifically to meet the requirements of large-scale distribution and retail: it increases significantly the product's shelf-life without the need for additives or preservers, but simply inhibiting the whey's syneresis in the product by strictly mechanical means.

Capable and Flexible

This machine is an higly flexible tool, thanks to its multiple characteristics, as the dual direct/indirect heating system, and therefore suitable for many different jobs. The product-mixing capabilites, for example, makes it possible to add flavours and ingredients. These ingredients may also have, or be made of, small pieces of fruit, chocolate o others, thanks to the special lobe pump in the machine, which allows them to flow through itself without altering their structure.

When used in Homogenization mode, the machine is able to reach a maximum pressure of 20 bar, thanks to its powerful inverter-controlled 9kW motor. The ease of use and subsequent flexibility are guaranteed by the control panel, which includes a PLC and a Touchscreen interface, that allows to automate production and to control the entire Homogenizer with a single finger and to implement washing programs and temperature controls, all of which is automated. There are also simpler versions of the Homogenizer, for those situations where not all the features of the flagship model are required.

Main specs:

  • Entirely built of AISI 304 and 316 stainless steel
  • Control panel with PLC and Touch Screen
  • Direct and indirect heating system
  • Homogenization pressure up to 20bar, with automatic adjustment

Available features:

Model: 141VI 141VSI 142VSI-PLC 291VSI-PLC 292VSI-PLC
Indirect Heating:
Direct Steam Injection:
Touch Screen Panel:
Tank Capacity: 140 litres 140 litres 140 litres 290 litres 290 litres
Max. Homog. Pressure: 10 bar 10 bar 20 bar 10 bar 20 bar
Click here to display and download the technical documentation of our Homogenizer-Smoother.

Milk Innovation

Milk Innovation


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