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Ricotta Drainage Vat

ricotta drainage

The Drainage Truck has been conceived specifically to receive the Ricotta produced in the Flocculators.

The machine is fitted with a pierced steel bed made of completely removable panels (both on the floor and on the walls), in order to allow them to be placed on the bottom of the tank at the end of the work cycle.
This metal bed is to hold the drainage cloth that when opportunely placed, will collect the product during the transfer from the Flocculators.

One part of the tank is assigned to the holding of the product in the final phase of utilization of the truck itself, while the other is a hopper, complete with a single screw pump fitted with a variable speed drive for continuous speed variation and a lump breaker, to use for the controlled transfer of the product to the Homogenizer Smoother machine.
Moreover, the pump fitted on the truck allows, with the adding of a cleaning solution, to make the washing of the machine and of the panels practically automatic.

Click here to display and download the technical documentation of our Drainage Vat.

Milk Innovation

Milk Innovation


Videos of the Ricotta production plants are available for watching:

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