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Yogurt Maker-Homogenizer

The way to increase the value of your milk

Automatic machine able to produce and treat a large range of dairy products.

yogurtiera industriale

Our Yogurt-Maker Homogenizer is committed to offer a solution for small and medium dairies that are interested in developing products with a higher quality than those normally offered by industrial production.

Thanks to the experience developed in the construction of large plant, today we are able to offer a medium-size machine fitted with the main innovation developed in the construction of the Homogenizer Smoother and with additional features originate from the research and develop of new dairy products.

Some of the benefits provided by the Yogurt-Maker Homogenizer are an increased production yield as it is possible to incorporate a greater amount of humidity in the product, during the homogenisation process. And the possibility to mix different types and different consistencies of substances (both liquids: colouring agent, flavourings, etc. and solids: cocoa, pieces of fruit or vegetables, etc.), so new products can be created.

The Yogurt-Maker Homogenizer allows to satisfy some process, some of them are:
Production: Treatment:
Yogurt Milk Pasteurization
Mascarpone Ricotta Smoothing Homogenizing
Spreadable Cheese
Cream / Dessert

The control panel with PLC and Touchscreen allows to manage automatically the yogurt's fermentation.

  • Indirect heating by steam injection in the tank's water jacket.
  • Product cooling using normal and cold water.
  • Thermal regulation for fermentation temperature, using an electric heating element.
  • Automatic water level management in the double-jacket, with safeties.

There are also simpler versions of the Yogurt-Maker Homogenizer, for those situations where not all the features of the flagship model are required.

Click here to display and download the technical documentation of our Yogurt-Maker Homogenizer.

Milk Innovation

Milk Innovation


Videos of the Ricotta production plants are available for watching:

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