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Spreadable cheese production plant

spreadable cheese production

The growing demand of easily and adaptable products for multiple opportunities of consumption, has driven the firms of the dairy industry to develop products with an increasing added value in terms of lightness and practicality. Recognizing this demand, Milk Innovation developed a system capable of satisfying it.

The technology behind this process is considerably different from the standard technology used for the production of processed cheese, as our plant has been designed with the goal to obtain a finished product directly from the raw material, milk, without the use of salts and additives. Using milk as raw material, it is possible to obtain fresh cheeses which can be better received by the consumer.

In addition, with the plant it is possible to produce different kinds of spreadable cheeses or cream cheeses which can be used as an ingredient for different cheeses. It is olso possibile to add flavours and other ingredients to further develop different products.

Furthermore our plant allows a better optimization of the space used in the facilities and the possibility to meet more segments of the same demand.

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Because it allow to meet more segment of the same sector, as dairy or confectionary. Because it can be easily integreted with the other line into the dairy, without any technical issue. Because it allow to produce fresh spreadable or cream cheese with a convenient match of costs / yeld, without giving up to the quality end the shelf life of products

Spreadable cheese Layout

spreadable cheese plant layout

Milk Innovation

Milk Innovation


Videos of the Ricotta production plants are available for watching:

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