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Research & Development

Our company has the ability to perform research on products and equipment, and to follow it with accurate technical and technological development.

  •  In regards to products, we can assist our customers in developing new products, that can create or capture new markets, or in perfecting or modifying existing products.
  •  When it comes to equipment, we can design (and subsequently build) machinery and lines for new products, new implementations of existing lines, or just enhancements to those.

As such, we are able to help in creating a product from beginning to end, starting with research on the product itself and then creating the design and building the production lines.


Thanks to the vast experience of our team, we are able to directly create a large variety of plants and machinery, also outside what's offered on our catalogue, and to help the customer in setting piping and connections.
We furthermore collaborate with companies specilizing in this field in order to give the best service with the minimum time requirements.
As such, we are able to offer our manufacturing services to final customers, resellers or other manufacturers.


In the food sector, where narrow margins of error and external costraints make stopping a production line for technical issues extremely damaging, it is absolutely fundamental to guarantee the reliability of every machine, and because of this our products are designed with the goal of maximizing this reliability; however, wear and eventual user errors may lead to malfunction scenarios, and to prevent this, our company offers a double maintenance service:
  •  Extraordinary maintenance, with very short response times, in order to resolve sudden issues. Our technicians have extensive experience and problem-solving abilities, allowing them to quickly put back to work a damaged machinery, even in difficult situations.
  •  Ordinary maintenance, with scheduled checkups, in order spot worn-out components or tell-tale signs of wrong usage and erroneous operation of the machinery, guaranteeing maximum reliability and reducing the risk of having to stop a line for unexpected repairs. May include software updates or technical improvements


Our various relations with sector operators put us in the ideal position to market equipment and machinery not only from our own production, but also from third-parties.
Besides new machinery, we also offer used and refurbished ones, with reliablity guaranteed by the professionalism and experience of our technicians. On this website you can find an "used machinery" section you can access immediately, but by contacting us you can also arrange a search for specific equipment.

Don't hesitate contacting us!

If you are interested in buying, selling or updating production lines, or developing products, we are ready to assist you.

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Milk Innovation

Milk Innovation


Videos of the Ricotta production plants are available for watching:

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