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Double ricotta production plant

double ricotta production plant

Two ricotta production pant are going to be built.
Both are designed with the interaction of customers in order to satisfy their specific needs. In fact, they seem a twin plant but are different by each other, the features of each plant are studied to allow a strong integration of them in the dairy they are going to be used.
Main features:

  • Possibilty to download production data
  • Working time optimized
  • Possibility to set up recipe
  • Acid solution dosing system automatized
  • Washing solutions automatically dosed
  • Improved plant usability
  • Possibility to upload different raw materials from own storage tanks

whey valorisation updated

vhey valorisation

We have already update the whey valorisation page. Now you have the opportunity to estimate accurately the ricotta production costs, thanks to fat whey price section. Discover the value of your whey !

New website

Milk Innovation's new website is online, now with desktop AND mobile compatibility!

Milk Innovation

Milk Innovation


Videos of the Ricotta production plants are available for watching:

Video Impianto
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