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Whey valorisation

Fill out with available data, discover the value of your whey !

This chart allow you to estimate the value of fat whey result from your cheese production. The Ricotta production is a great opportunity to increase the turnover of the dairy by using a raw materials often evalueted as a waste.

Quantity and characteristic of whey.
Quantity Ton/Day
Working days Days
Ricotta price €/kg
Fat whey price €/Ton
Fat whey characteristic
Humidity %
Dry matter %
Fat %
Ricotta yeld 5.03 %
Annual revenue 5801 €/Anno
Value of fat whey processed in Ricotta 65.89 €/Ton
Calcolate Rest

Annual revenue Is the outcome between the revenue and the following costs: raw materials, production costs, whasing costs and packing costs (Small containers 250 grams.)

Humidity It means, the estimate value of humidity into the ricotta. Normally is between 75 - 85 %

Milk Innovation

Milk Innovation


Videos of the Ricotta production plants are available for watching:

Video Impianto
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